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Major Clients

Red Moon Productions, Zain, Netlog, LinkOnLine, Net To Venture, On Legends, D1G and many more.


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Wizards Productions, a Jordan-based games development company is a pioneer in Arab social gaming. Established in late 2008, to address the gap in Arab online social gaming providers, Wizards Productions is one of the gaming industries fastest growing new entrants with a track record in successfully developing and in localizing free-to-play MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Games) and social games for the Arab Region.


In 2009, Wizards Productions acquired the Canadian based GO3 to broaden its service offering to North America and Europe. With an additional 6 English-based games acquired through the transaction, Wizards portfolio now includes over 14 online games, a 3D game and an iPhone/ iPad game.


Led by three of its founders, and with initial support from the Arab angel investment community, Wizards Productions has grown to quickly lead in the social gaming development space, and has shown an ability to engage hundreds of thousands of gamers from across the MENA region.


In particular, Wizards Productions has differentiated itself in its ability to develop, launch, and support proprietary games within a cost effective fashion, while also building online gaming communities from scratch. The team has also been successful in developing partnerships within the local, regional, and global gaming industry. In fact, Wizards’ appeal was based on its entrepreneurial approach to delivering relevant gaming experiences, through a team that blends gaming, graphics, technology, marketing, and a strong understanding of “online communities” to turn gaming titles into “regionally relevant” gaming experiences.


Various advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available on gaming properties Wizards Productions operates, including unique in-game branding options, all targeted at well-defined audiences across the Arab World.

Key Staff

Afif Toukan
Sohaib Thiab
Hussam Hammo